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20 - 27 May 2017 - Perth, Australien

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von Wolfgang Keller, Jochen Jung



Hydrometallurgical processing of Lithium, rare earths and uranium has gained in importance as the production must keep up with growing world-wide demand and the increased requirement for product qualities. Although significant improvements have been made for non-ferrous and precious metals processing, adapted or new agitator solutions had to be provided for these applications.

For processing of battery grade lithium carbonate, to name an example, the crystallization and gassed units are crucial for the overall plant performance. Unlike precipitation steps, crystal morphology and particle size distribution in crystallizers must be precisely controlled. This paper will present the newly developed EKATO TORUSJET, which is an improved draft tube impeller with a significantly higher efficiency compared to standard solutions. For the same motor power it achieves higher pumping rates, a better degree of slurry homogeneity and an improved surface renewal, which finally leads to a more uniform crystal growth. Due to the optimized blade geometry the local and overall shear rates are decreased minimizing crystal breakage and decreasing abrasion issues.

For gassed applications, especially if a very high degree of gas utilization must be achieved, EKATO has successfully applied the self-inducing gassing turbine EKATO GASJET. This paper will present different examples from minerals processing, e.g. for the
carbonization/ de-carbonization step at a lithium carbonate processing
plant in which carbon dioxide gas can be used in a closed loop system.

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